Truppman Law Litigation Lawyer Miami Dade

Truppman Law Litigation Lawyer Miami Dade. Since 1990, the experienced insurance law attorneys at Harold B. Klite Truppman, P.A. in Miami Dade, Florida have been devoted to helping policy holders resolve insurance coverage disputes. Our attorneys represent individuals, businesses, condo associations and homeowner’s associations in a wide range of insurance law matters. We do not represent insurance companies. Our goal is […]

Litigation Law Miami Dade

Litigation Law Miami Dade. At Harold B. Klite Truppman, P.A., our construction attorneys have extensive experience in construction litigation and represent clients in both transactions and disputes ranging from single and multifamily dwellings to large commercial buildings, planned unit developments, retail, industrial and governmental projects. Our firm’s focus areas include: Construction defects and deficiencies Construction delays […]